Our Gallery

Windermere - Athletics, by Miss Pool

Ennerdale Rugby, by Mr Tyson

Y6 Maths - Algebra, by Mr Carruthers

Islam Guest Speaker, by Mrs Maiden

Ullswater - Fossils, by Mrs Foye

It's Coming Home, by Mr Carruthers

Science Show, by Mrs Pickering

Cross country - round 2, by Mrs Pickering

Letters to the Prime Minister, by Mr Carruthers

Micro:bit Y5 Group 2, by Mrs Spencer

Chill Factore, by Mrs Foye

Cloverley Hall, by Mrs Foye

Alton Towers!, by Miss Pool

Year 5 group 1 micro:bit, by Mrs Jopson

Looking into the past, by Mr Beattie

Year 3/4 Tennis Festival, by Mrs Maiden

Archeological visit, by Mr Tyson

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Telephone 01946 695311 or email admin@stjamesjun.cumbria.sch.uk

Headteacher: Mr Andrew Beattie

St James' Church of England Junior School. Wellington Row, Whitehaven, Cumbria CA28 7HG