Spirituality - a growing awareness and understanding of the relationship to self, others, the wonders of natural world around us; and the beyond.

Christian Vision

With exploring minds and faith, we grow and learn together. All here follow ‘The St James Way: Be Kind, Be Respectful, Give Your All’ which is rooted in the Christian Values of Peace, Compassion, Friendship, Forgiveness, Thankfulness and Endurance. Using Psalm 119v105 we use ‘Your Word’ as a light to guide children on their paths through life.


What does Spiritual development look like at St James' CofE Junior School?

Opportunities to promote spiritual development is planned for by skilled teachers and celebrated right across the curriculum. Staff and students both share the same langauge which likens our spiritual growth to that of an analogy of a growing tree.

The roots resemble to far-reaching connections and relationships that exist within and beyond our school community. The trunk represents the growth in our understanding of ourselves, others, the world around us and connections with the beyond. The leaves and fruits recognise the moments of wonder, amazement, pride and other feeling such as sorrow.

These moments help shape our spiritual selves and are recognised and celebrated in our weekly Celebration Assembly. Each week a class capture a moment and feeling to scribe on a leaf or fruit that is then  added to our communal school spirit tree. 

Throughout the year, we see our branches fill and expand with spiritual growth that is reinforced with the message from our school vision:

With exploring minds, and faith; we grow and learn together.


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