Science - STEM 2020 - 2021

Mrs Kitchin

Science at St James’ CofE Junior School is about developing children’s sense of enquiry and extending their knowledge and understanding of the world around them. Science lessons are a mixture of practical and theory, and wherever possible links to other areas of curriculum allowing the children more in-depth learning. Children are encouraged to carry out full scientific enquiries and investigate the concept of fair testing.

The Teachers at St James’ plan Science lessons that build knowledge and understanding with regular revisiting and connections made to previous topics. 

Design and Technology at St James’ incorporates creativity and imagination, design and problem solving within a variety of contexts. A collaborative approach is often adopted with children offering support and critique through every step of the design, creation and evaluation process.

Wherever possible we build on local expertise have many close links with industry, local science parks and STEM ambassadors.  This gives a sense of purpose to our scientific and design work.

In all of our subjects, we use our collaborative approach named Learn 2 Learn, that puts collaboration and talk at the heart of learning.

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Science - STEM: Gallery items

Science - teeth, by Mrs Milligan

Science Experiment Class 3, by Mrs Kitchin

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