Class 4 - Science / Art History - Leonardo da Vinci

Class: Mr Carruthers - Class 4 Year: 2018 - 2019

We have been studying the great Leonardo da Vinci, in science this week.  We learned he was known as The Renaissance Man, as he had such a huge influence upon that era.  He was an artists and scientist amongst other things.  One of his most famous works is The Vitruvian Man.  He calculated mathematically that the proportions of the human body could be accurately related to each other.  For example; 4x the width of the shoulders is the height of a person, 8x the length of the head is the height of a person, the length of the hand x10 is the same as the height of a person, also the arm span is the same as the height of a person.


We found this to be very accurate.  Leonardo was a clever man!  However, it wasn't 100% accurate.  We discussed reasons why this may have been.  We realised that individual differences exist between humans, and also that we had a lot of inaccuracies with our own measuring.  This lead to discussions on our previous learning to do with "control variables".


Overall, a fantastic day for science.

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